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Giorgio Armani Sunglasses Are Forever

21 July 2021

Giorgio Armani is approaching his 85th birthday. His 2019 collections are marked with impeccable fabrics, smooth silhouettes, and very modern glasses.

New is remade old. In Giorgio Armani case, it was very re-made and updated to create a new look that is something between slickly elegant and cool. Giorgio Armani clientele goes way beyond men and women in their 60s. He is constantly surrounded by young people and every year works towards making his clothing and accessories desirable by young group.

Men market remains a focus. 40-50% of all runway models are men. Even when there are more women, men models are central and meant to be more noticed. Men suits, shoes, bags and eyeglasses will always make it to fashion magazines and blog posts.

Giorgio Armani label is devoted to elegant wear. It's always reserved, simple and wearable. No one will ever make a joke of you wearing Giorgio Armani. If you are into high fashion, Emporio Armani, Armani Prive will figurate that role. Giorgio Armani is a very serious line.

AR6082 Armani sunglasses

Giorgio Armani AR6082

Sunglasses perhaps are the only facet of the collection where prominent designer took a slide off to have some fun. Giorgio Armani sunglasses are the best representation of fashion eyewear. A bit daring, very wearable and timeless, Giorgio Armani sunglasses are for people with style!