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Izumi Glasses Are Created With Future in Mind

20 October 2016

For those loving for pretty, colourful and fun glasses take a look at Izumi collection. Izumi has won hearts and minds of many Canadians because the brand offers an alternative. It’s not trendy or fashionable. It is stylish and chic with many variations of color and shape.

Izumi glasses are inspired by Japanese style. Many people who have visited Japan will confess that Japanese are the most fashionable people in the world. Their courage to fun styles, clothing layering and quality makes them stand apart in the crowds of tourists in any country. And Japanese people always have the coolest eyeglasses. In fact, they were the first promoting round Harry Potter glasses style years  before it hit Europe and America. Izumi glasses are not made, nor designed in Japan. They are inspired by Japanese style and attitude to fashion.

Izumi glasses today offer many options for people with strong prescription because many Izumi glasses are still made in shallower shape. Whoever shopped for eyeglasses lately can tell that large, larger and very large glasses are in trend right now. This is great from fashion stand point, but does leave out people with strong prescriptions for example. Izumi glasses design team is dedicated to their loyal customers and gladly offer new fashionable styles, but in conventional sizes and measurements.

Izumi glasses may be conventional in size but not conventional in look. Izumi glasses differ from other ophthalmic brands by color choice. Color is the most important feature of Izumi glasses and bright color is especially dominant in best selling models.

Another important fact is that Izumi glasses are often made in smaller sizes and many models are styled in such way to fit narrow faces very well. It can either be due to frame thickness, or overall shape that makes their glasses look good without compromising the fitting.