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Prodesign Universal Style

31 March 2015

Prodesign Denmark has been bringing joy to the fashion eyewear lovers for generations. When fashion designers are creating elaborate styles with extreme cat eye silhouettes and studs, Prodesign designers are concentrating on creating everlasting styles. In the meanwhile Prodesign manufacturing folks are concentrating on making eyeglasses that are usable, long lasting and comfortable. This focus has proven that it works for people who are looking for value.

No, it wouldn't be fair to say that Prodeisign glasses are cheap. In fact they cost more on the higher end - $300 and up a pair. But this is a relatively low price for arguably best eyeglasses in the world today. Designed and made in Denmark, they also have a great European flavour. Europeans love details. A small contrasting line across the frame, rubber temple end or just perfectly straight groove - it all matters to complete a true European style. Yet simple and clean looking, these glasses are timeless.

Prodesign industrial designers work tirelessly to create award winning mechanism for clipping temples to the frame. Screwless design is simple, is functionable and it's genius! Not only your temples will never need another screw, they will not feel loose and they will not fall apart. Prodesign glasses have several! of those mechanisms. 

Of course it wouldn't be a fashion eyewear if not for followed trend. People want round, Prodesign has over 20 styles of round glasses in 5-7 color each! People want large, here you go, get large in square, rectangular or oval shape. Color is now a playing card for many glasses designers. Prodesign uses color with class. Even a conservative men will look appropriate in crimson Prodesign glasses. Color is so well combined with material and style that no one will think you look weird. If you like fuchsia, go for it in Prodesign.