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Tom Ford – Genius of Many Art Forms

21 January 2017


Tom Ford designerWhen people hear name Tom Ford today they immediately associate with different forms of art. Some with fashion, which is his main business trade. Others with film and lately some even with music.

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Many people don’t realize that the main talent of Tom Ford is business. Sure he has a good education from Parsons School of Design and highly successful fashion brand. But it’s his business qualities that got him this far. When Tom Ford was hired as a chief designer of Gucci back in 1990, Gucci brand was in despair. Previous Gucci designers failed to react to fast moving globalization of fashion business and emergence of new brands such as Roberto Cavalli, Dolce & Gabbana and many other luxury brands. Gucci brand was losing interest among their clients and was getting diluted by success of other younger brands run by young ambitious designers. After seeing Tom Ford work and energy as a design assistant company, company chief designer Cathy Hardwick promoted Tom to chief designer of womenswear. But to get the assistant job Tom was calling Hardwick for a month without any success. Finally Hardwick picked up a phone because her stuff was getting very annoyed by his calls. She offered him a meeting and he arrived in a few minutes. He was calling from the lobby! This is just one example of how persistent and self believing is Tom Ford. He has proven the world many times that his strong belief can become a reality.

Gucci strived under his leadership. When he quit Gucci and started his own brand not too many people took him seriously. Minimalistic and simplistic clothing at astronomical prices by not so known designer was taken as arrogance, especially in eyewear. American customers simply refused to pay $500 for a pair of sunglasses by a no-name. It only took 5 years to make Tom Ford sunglasses among most sought after for luxury clients. As Tom Ford brand was getting popular more people recognised that little branding and high price tag is something many are looking for. Everyone wants to feel beautiful and chic, and less and less people want to do it loudly.

Tom Ford just released his second movie Nocturnal Animals starring Amy Adams. His first movie A Single Man with Julian Moore won several Golden Globe and Oscar nominations. Nocturnal Animals won a supporting actor Golden Globe award.

Funny song Tom Ford by rapper Jay Z also gave Tom Ford some good modern marketing.

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